Carved Red Jasper Quartz Crystal Penis for Pleasure or decoration – 6.3 inches 536gram – This Healing Crystal vibrates vitality and strengt


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🦋We GUARANTY you will FEEL our HIGH FREQUENCY stones❣️ You can relax and be sure they were NOT grown or created in CHINA.

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💎RED JASPER is the perfect stone for a Penis as it stimulates the Root and Sacral Chakras 💃🏻.

Weight 536g
Length 160mm
Width 76mm
Height 43mm

🍆 The phallic symbol is used in many cultures to convey strength and fertility. It can be used to promote sexual healing and clear stagnation caused from sexual trauma and shame it is a symbol of strength and fertility.

🍆 I acquired my first Crystal Johnson many years ago and I find it very pleasurable, it is clean, cooling and at that time in my life my love for crystals was stronger than my love for men, lol. To my surprise it helped me heal the sexual trauma that lead me to my keeping men at a distance.

💠Quartz and many other crystals are silicon based. A lovely energy amplifier, clears and activates the chakras, and enhances and protects the aura. Carried or placed in one’s environment will assist in maintaining balance, energy and protection. Clears the choices ahead of you! Clears and balances all the Chakras.💠

🍆Historical Origin of a Crystal Penis🍆

🍆Palad Khik originated in India and relate to the Hindu god Shiva, who is usually represented by Shiva Linga. They were brought to Southeast Asia via the Cham people and remained in the region ever since. The Chinese concept called Yang is similar, where Shiva is represented abstractly in the form of Linga (male genitalia). Sometimes the linga are accompanied by Yoni (female genitalia). Together, the linga and yoni symbolize unity and the powers of creation and destruction.

🍆The Palad Khik, as a phallic representation of Shiva, is also an animistic symbol of fertility. It is not uncommon in Thailand or China to see a penis amulet hanging on a convenience store or a restaurant, or even being sold by old women on the street. Although outsiders may regard these as offensive, ordinary Thais are deeply superstitious and lucky charms and talismans are still regarded as important.

🍆Palad Khik can be made from crystal, wood, metal, bone, horn or ivory, and they are created by monks who specialize in them.

🍆Palad Khiks are usually worn by males on a cord around their waist under the clothes and off-center from the real penis. It is not unusual for a male to wear many palad khiks at the same time, in the hope to attract women, increase gambling luck and protection from dangerous objects such as bullets and knives. At times, women in Thailand also carry it in their purses to protect them from rape and mugging. Shop owners display them in their shops or in the cash register area to protect their business and also bring good luck and sales. A notable feature of this type of amulet is it can be worn in places considered as lowly or unclean such as bars, gambling casinos and brothels. Normally, you cannot bring a Buddhist amulet inside such establishments.
This is a work of art carved from a very large crystal Clear Quartz. Who needs a vibrator when you can have the natural high vibration of Solid Quartz crystal.

📗Etsy Handmade Policy: These are purchased from an old inventory carved in 1998.

💜All stones purchased by Your Crystal Shop are cleansed and cleared by us using sound therapy, intention, and LOVE.🕉

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